Four Laws for the Artificially Intelligent


Ask not what AI can do for a company, rather what artificial intelligence may do to a company.

  • How does a company successfully integrate artificial intelligence into its operations?
  • What are the problems in doing so?
  • And how does the introduction of AI into society change the answer to the first question?

As companies delay or even cancel initiatives in artificial intelligence, Four Laws for the Artificially Intelligent redefines possibilities and offers leverage to turn AI visions into reality. It is a story of transformation: of people, of companies, and of artificial intelligence itself.

The Four Laws is unique in its combination of stories and science illustrating how a technology competing with human consciousness is introduced and assimilated within a company. A work of creative nonfiction stretched on a frame of research, it is an essential trail guide for navigating the Industry Version 4.0 jungle in a search of the fruits of innovation.


About the Author(s)

Ian Domowitz

Ian Domowitz is former Vice Chairman of Investment Technology Group [NYSE: ITG] and CEO of ITG Solutions Network Inc., a pioneer in the application of machine learning to institutional trading …

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November 15, 2021





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