Tania Peitzker

Tania works as CEO of AI Bots as a Service UG in Germany and internationally as an Applied AI consultant, specializing in Conversational AI & Conversational Commerce. She lectures regularly on Cognitive Interfaces and the cutting edge of CX and voice tech. Tania is a thought leader on the convergence of Artificial Intelligence, philosophy (her formal academic training as a Humanities “critical thinker” in Australia and Germany), digital media, the advertising industry and robotics melding into chatbots, virtual assistants & Deep or Machine Learning deployed in Internet of Things or Mixed Reality installations. She was one of the few bot entrepreneurs chosen by the India-based business analyst corporation MarketsandMarkets to be interviewed for their 5 year forecast for the Intelligent Virtual Assistants industry to 2023. Tania has given lectures at Mannheim Business School, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Kent, UTTR from New York in London, Apps World, TechXLR8, Re-Work and CeBIT in Hannover.

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