Tania Peitzker

Dr Tania Peitzker is a globally known technologist and innovator in Immersive Tech and voice UX or Conversational AI interfaces. She writes Case Studies from her decades long experience in the Creative Industries. Peitzker works as an Adjunct Professor at a number of universities in Silicon Valley, the European Union and its EFTA members such as Switzerland and Norway.

As a lifelong entrepreneur and Creative, she continues to innovate in industry with new SaaS enterprise solutions for interactive voice builds in the B2B2C space. Founder of the Peitzker Prizes (forthcoming in 2024, along with her new book on Applied Artificial Intelligence), Tania lives on the Swiss-Italian border where she indulges her passions for writing, cooking, rambling, sailing on the Med and cruising the inland lakes of southern and northern Europe.

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