Three Key Success Factors For Transforming Your Business: Mindset, Infrastructure, and Capability


There are many different change management models–some are very complex, others are not very effective. With the MIC (mindset, infrastructure, capabilities) model there is an easy-to- understand and easy-to-use model presented that has proven itself many times over in practice. It is useful in both private and business settings, in both large transformation projects as well as smaller change projects. Every change requires the right mindset, the right infrastructure, and the necessary capabilities. MIC comes from practice and is for practice.
This book is aimed at consultants and managers, HR managers, and project managers who need to lead or implement change programs. Executives and their teams will benefit from the book as much as individuals who want to change or face change in their lives. Finally, it addresses all those who watch the changes of our time and are curious to understand more deeply how changes do not have to be passively endured but can be actively understood and lived as an opportunity.


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Michael Hagemann

Michael Hagemann has been responsible for change management for several years at the leading global logistics provider, Deutsche Post DHL Group. After fulfilling various responsibilities in the church…

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March 20, 2020





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