Championing the Cause of Leadership: A Look at the Baseball Dynasties


If your organization is not performing at its best, this book is for you. It puts you right into the shoes of the leaders of the great baseball dynasties and demonstrates how they overcame challenges common to those in our own teams and groups. Topics include managing and motivating highly talented but dysfunctional individuals, turning around careers that have stalled late in life, better understanding the practical benefits of diversity and inclusion, and inspiring individuals to find their best within the context of their teams.

Meyer combines his over thirty years representing some of the world’s top companies with his deep knowledge of baseball history and looks at leadership from a brand-new perspective. Learn the value of encouraging leadership from all levels in your organization. Discover the critical importance of leaders coming to terms with their own internal demons before they can reach their full potential. Unlock the secrets of how to out-perform the competition in times of intense pressure and how to find opportunity in times of crisis.

The stories of the greatest teams of our greatest game are wildly entertaining and provide unique insight into our own success. Whether you are a baseball fan or not, reading Championing the Cause of Leadership will deepen your skillset as a leader and could dramatically improve the future of your team.


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Ted Meyer

Ted Meyer is a highly rated labor and employment lawyer who represents organizations nationwide in matters relating to leadership and organizational excellence. He has counseled some of the lar…

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February 24, 2022





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