The Human Being’s Guide to Business Growth: A Simple Process For Unleashing The Power of Your People for Growth


Every business owner looking for growth begins by thinking about new products and services, but that’s the wrong place to start. The place to start is inside their company, getting every employee to take responsibility for business development, regardless of their role. Employees need to think, “revenue is my business,” and this book will give readers a simple three-step process (called FIT) to unleash the power of their people for growth.

This book is for business owners who will learn:

  • How to set strategy in less than a day.
  • Where the term “strategic planning” goes wrong.
  • How to use self-identified strengths to unleash hidden sales talent.
  • Ways to overcome resistance from employees not used to thinking “revenue is my business.”A profitable approach to using technology in sales and marketing.

Readers of The Human Being’s Guide to Business Growth will benefit from this book because it shows them how to use the FIT process to stimulate their company’s growth.


About the Author(s)

Gregory S. Chambers

Gregory S. Chambers is the founder of the sales-and-marketing consultancy, Chambers Pivot Industries LLC, which helps growing companies create sales-and-marketing practices that are a perfect fit for their cultures.

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December 19, 2017





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