The Concise Coaching Handbook: How to Coach Yourself and Others to Get Business Results


This wise, encouraging book will help you think like a coach—and have a better life as a result. —Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach, business educator, bestselling author, ranked world’s top leadership thinker by Thinkers50
Well written and very useful. Elizabeth takes complex coaching concepts/ tools and breaks them down so readers who want to improve their lives and see themselves inspiring others can make real and lasting change. —Paula Hemming, Professional Coach Training Director, Adler Graduate School
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Utilizing a ‘coach approach’ with oneself and others enables quicker and more effective progress towards goals. This book identifies the crucial coaching qualities and actions to increase motivation, engagement, and performance. Through exercises and examples, the author demonstrates how to ask compelling questions, how to create effective action by constructing SMART goals, and how to hold yourself and others accountable.
Additionally, she illustrates how presence and attitude, active listening, compelling questions, setting goals and accountabilities, and encouragement and feedback function in a coaching relationship. Drawing from neuroscience, case studies and personal experience, she shows how to use these specific techniques to create more fulfilling relationships and results. The Concise Coaching Handbook ends with three brief case studies of for-profit and non-profit organizations who have committed to creating a ‘coaching culture’ and the benefits they’ve received.


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Elizabeth Dickinson

Elizabeth Dickinson is a coach, speaker/presenter, and writer. She has coached or presented in over 40 for-profit and non-profit organizations, including Land O’Lakes and Performance Excellence …More …

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July 17, 2018





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