Targeting the Mature Traveler: Developing Strategies for an Emerging Market


“Targeting the ‘Mature Traveler’ is a fascinating insight into the behavior, buying habits and trends of the older generation, backed by detailed statistical analysis, market segmentation and case studies. No longer viewed as irrelevant, the mature market is now the UK’s fastest growing demographic, and this book offers invaluable information about how to target them effectively. Healthier and wealthier than previous generations, mature travelers are adventurous and want to live life to the full. Carpe diem!” – Debbie Marshall, Founder of Silver Travel Advisor
This book provides a profile of the mature travel market based on recent research by review sites, tour operators and agents, and national press. It identifies recent trends with potential growth in destinations, types of holiday, the criteria holidaymakers use when planning a holiday, and how the final choice is made.
Customer data and global demographic profiles leads to a range of strategic marketing options for those in tourism and travel sectors, and travel trends into 2021 and beyond.
Despite significant changes globally as the coronavirus became a pandemic, the strategic approach identified here still forms a sound basis for taking the industry forward.
Whether you are a student on a travel and tourism course, part of the global travel agency network, a tour operator, or provider of products and services, this book covers the underpinning profile of who the 50+ mature customer is, what they are looking for, and, ultimately, strategies to inform and encourage them to buy in the future.

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Jacqueline Jeynes

Dr Jacqueline Jeynes, PhD, MBA, B. Ed (Hons), B.A(Hons) is a travel writer, regularly contributing reviews aimed at the mature travel market. A published non-fiction author since 2000, Dr Jeynes is al…

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February 5, 2021





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