A Profile of the Hospitality Industry, Second Edition


The hospitality industry is a unique and diverse industry. This book tells the history, organizational structure, and management strategies of the hospitality industry. Traditionally an entrepreneurial business, the hospitality industry today includes organizations ranging from small independent cafes and inns to large multinational corporations. The author highlights key hotel, restaurant, and casino companies, and explains the concepts of franchising, consortia, and management contracts.
The book divulges how the hospitality product is different from other industries: part service and part product, produced and consumed simultaneously, and the role of the customer as part of the service process. The book explains how perishable inventory and labor intensity affect hotels, restaurants, and casinos. The author also reviews policies that promote or restrict tourism and travel, guest and employee safety, labor regulations, food safety laws, and requirements for accommodations for customers with disabilities.
This text explains key strategic management decisions of the hospitality industry. The author projects how global expansion and sustainability efforts are shaping the industry, but also warns of the ongoing threats of pandemics and terrorism to travel.

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Betsy Bender Stringam

Dr. Betsy Bender Stringam is a professor in the school of hotel, restaurant and tourism management at New Mexico State University. Prior to her career in academics Dr. Stringam worked in the hotel, re…

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August 15, 2020





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