Myles shares his experience by demonstrating a practical and data-driven approach to managing convention centers. His use of analytics provides the basis for identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. Myles makes this a must read for convention management looking to optimize performance and demonstrate results. –Skip Cox. Senior VP – Research and Measurement, The Freeman Company
Finally! A refreshing perspective on convention centre management in North America. these economic engines have long been viewed as loss-leaders, which this book aptly points out. Well done to Myles for bringing clarity and perspective to these undervalued assets. –Lorenz Hassenstein, President and CEO, Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Thank you Myles for filling this critical gap! Having served convention centers across North America and the U.K. for 20 years, it is clear that analytics-based management systems are succeeding at the expense of centers that continue to ‘manage-by-gut’. This book provides an effective, step-by-step guide as to how to administer the right KPIs to deliver success. I highly recommend it to anyone involved in the management of convention centers. –Bob Pascal, former Chief Marketing Officer, Centerplate, Inc.
Improving Convention Center Management Using Business Analytics and Key Performance Indicators presents sound practical advice from an author who successfully lived the experience. Transitioning from a traditional business model to one that is data driven and entrepreneurial can be difficult.
This book explains the rationale and importance of each indicator along with data collection issues and presentation advice. It guides you through that process from launch and trial, up to making analytics an indispensible part of your management strategy.

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Myles T. McGrane

Myles McGrane was formerly the general manager for New York’s Javits Center. He also held key management positions at NBC, Ogden Corp., and Centerplate. He formed a convention center consultancy in 20…

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September 25, 2020





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