Successful ERP Systems: A Guide for Businesses and Executives


This book brings a unique combination of years of experience in academics research and studies in regards to “ERP systems” with years of experience from a practitioner’s perspective. Each year billions of dollars are spent by organizations to implement, manage, and maintain ERP systems. A simple browse through the Internet will demonstrate how challenging ERP implementations can be. Success rates are seen as quite low with time, costs, and effort typically being above planned and often significantly.
Law firms make a living from ERP’s gone badly. Academia is investing more and more time and research into developing success models that not only attempt to objectively determine ERP success or failure but also attempt to be a proactive in that effort. But why? If ERP systems (and all their inherent functionality) can bring a true ROI to business, why are they so challenging? Why do they often deliver as advertised? And, why are they often seen as failing?


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Jack G. Nestell

CIO, Executive Director of IT, Vice President of IT, IT Security Officer, IT business advisor and consultant, and ERP speaker.

David L. Olson

David L. Olson is the James & H.K. Stuart professor in MIS and chancellor’s professor at the University of Nebraska. He has published research in over 200 refereed journal articles, primarily on the t…

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November 16, 2017





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