Organizational Velocity: Turbocharge Your Business to Stay Ahead of the Curve


If you’re not operating with Organizational Velocity, you’re getting lapped and don’t even realize it.

Business as usual? Established organizations are being disrupted as nimble upstarts cross long-established competitive moats with increasing ease. The status quo needs to be blown up.

In Organizational Velocity, veteran UPS executive Alan Amling distills five years of research and three decades on the front lines of Corporate America to reveal a fundamental truth…

Moving at the speed of change is a choice, not a circumstance.

Companies from Amazon to Shaw Industries stay ahead of the curve by operating with Organizational Velocity, a rapid learning paradigm empowering organizations to create persistent advantage.

Amling shows how companies get in their own way and provides pragmatic insights from industrial, digital, and military leaders to break through organizational friction and thrive in disruption.

Organizational Velocity is for current and aspiring executives seeing the disruption at their doorstep but not knowing how to break through the cloud of uncertainty. So, dog-ear the pages and create a company built to stay ahead of the curve.

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Alan Amling

Alan Amling, PhD, is a TED speaker and thought leader on harnessing digital disruption. Alan helped drive innovation over a 27-year career with UPS and is currently a Distinguished Fellow at Th…

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March 15, 2022





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