Shopper Marketing: A How-To Business Story


The book outlines a practical approach to shopper marketing in order to grow both revenue and brand equity. A story runs through the book in the first part of each chapter, so that it is easier to connect the theory and tools in the second part of each chapter, with a real-world scenario.
The book follows the story of the Big Beverage Company, who receive a call from their biggest customer one afternoon asking for their help in getting the coffee category growing again.
This sets the Big Beverage Company and their management team on a journey from being a brand-focused business, to one that understands how a broader emphasis on the category and its shoppers can lead to greater growth for themselves and their retail partners.
The book contains over 300 industry and academic references as well as numerous examples from the author’s own experience.

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Paul Barnett

Paul Barnett is an industry professional who has held roles with SABMiller, Johnson & Johnson and Nestle across Europe and Asia. On that journey he has worked in 31 countries in both the developed and…

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January 18, 2016





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