People, Processes, Services, and Things: Using Services Innovation to Enable the Internet of Everything


This book assesses the capabilities and benefits of connecting people, processes, data and things into the Internet of Everything (IoE). It begins by surveying the government and industrial sectors for current social and business challenges that are solvable using IoE. Within this section, the business and technology drivers for making the switch to IoE are covered. Examples include: rapid increases in the number and types of IP enabled devices, volume of new data streams emanating from these new devices and the easy access to cloud systems for data computation and analysis.
Additionally, the book expands on the concepts of Data Fabrics applied to IoE Next, the book explains how IoE enables organizations to ramp the rate of new service creation and delivery of those services. These services are not feasible unless an underlying system can connect, integrate and reconcile data from previously unconnected and disparate functions. In addition, the underlying system must provide contextual perspective when presenting the data to enable optimal decisions that take all interactions and reactions into account. The latter portion of this text explains several barriers to IoE system adoption including integration with legacy IT systems and management systems using proprietary protocols. Using service models and service delivery mechanisms these barriers are removed. This book explains how this is done and what new capabilities are enabled in an IoE enabled network of people, processes, data and things.


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Hazim Dahir

Hazim Dahir is a Cisco distinguished services engineer. In his current role as the chief architect for the “Internet of Everything” Services Practice, he defines and influences next generation IoT/Io…

Bil Dry

Bil Dry is the principal architect in Cisco’s Software Solution Factory and has more than 15 years of experience in network and software engineering. He has teamed with members of the Solution Factor…

Carlos Pignataro

Carlos Pignataro, Cisco Distinguished Services Engineer, is a self-described technology change agent who has spent his career on the “bleeding edge.” It all begins with innovation. Innovation, he bel…

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August 13, 2015





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