Learning Organizations: Turning Knowledge into Action


Learning Organizations: Turning Knowledge into Actions discusses the importance of transforming traditional organizations into learning organizations– entities that foster a culture of continuous learning so that external change in all its facets can be recognized when it happens and internal change can be effected and managed when necessary. Learning organizations are poised to transform knowledge into actions, which become best practices that ultimately lead to improved performance. The book features cases and lessons from leading world organizations that invested in knowledge management in order to remain competitive. The importance of both knowledge capture and knowledge transfer throughout organizations is stressed throughout the book. Learning Organizations: Turning Knowledge into Actions offers strategies and guidance to organizational leaders who endeavor to deliver heightened value to all their stakeholders while eliminating the learning ‘disabilities’ that threaten corporate productivity and success.

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Marcus Goncalves

Marcus Goncalves, EdD, PhD, is an international business scholar and management consultant with primary research interest focused on global entrepreneurship, internationalization modes, pa…

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September 18, 2012





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