Counterintelligence for Corporate Environments, Volume I: How to Protect Information and Business Integrity in the Modern World


Counterintelligence for Corporate Environments, Volume I provides the reader with unique, comprehensive, and efficient methodologies that will change and improve corporate security and operational models to the highest degree possible.
Through the extensive and sophisticated discipline of counterintelligence, readers will learn the vital importance of intelligence to the survival, efficiency, and well-being of any organization as well as a whole new approach to the protection of business intelligence and assets.
Volume two discusses topics and illustrates strategies and procedures that have never before been used in the corporate field. Inspired by the concepts, strategies, and tactics that have been used by intelligence communities and specialized military forces for decades, this book aims to improve and safeguard every component of a corporate environment through the adaptation and modification of the same strategies employed by these specialized entities.
Through this book, managers, security officers, consultants, and entire corporate environments will have the knowledge and skills necessary in order to change the entire dynamic of security applications in the present day and will be able to integrate advanced and highly efficient counterintelligence models in order to combat the extensive modern threat landscape.


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Dylan Van Genderen

Dylan van Genderen is a security professional, entrepreneur, author and instructor based in Holland. He has written and published a variety of manuals and articles regarding subjects such as…

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April 30, 2018





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