Successful Cybersecurity Professionals: How To Change Your Behavior to Protect Your Organization


This book provides a unique perspective into the mindset of psychology and cybersecurity. It presents a view of incorporating the latest research in cybersecurity and behavior. The newest cybersecurity challenge is not just understanding cybercriminals’ behavior, but our behavior as well, and to realize that some of behaviors could lead us in making bad cybersecurity decisions.
By using models and literature rooted in psychology and comparing those to cybersecurity attacks, this book will help those who make crucial cybersecurity decisions to protect their organization, even better decisions. Dr. Brown also presents even a possible theory of cybersecurity.
Key areas include:
‧ Behaviorism
‧ Learning Models
‧ Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities
‧ Stereotypes
‧ Cybersecurity traits
‧ Conditioned Response
‧ Social Engineering
‧ Deep Fakes


About the Author(s)

Steven Brown

Dr. Brown is the director of the University of the Cumberlands’ PhD program in information technology. The University has grown from its private Christian, Appalachian roots to a global University tha…

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September 24, 2020





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