Steven Brown

Dr. Brown is the director of the University of the Cumberlands’ PhD program in information technology. The University has grown from its private Christian, Appalachian roots to a global University that provides opportunities for personal and professional growth with particular emphasis on meeting the educational and professional needs of diverse populations through a range of professional programs designed for success. In addition to developing an innovative, advanced curriculum and recruiting highly qualified faculty, and his publications and presentations, Dr. Brown has mentored numerous dissertations in information technology, cybersecurity, networking, forensics, management, etc., even in music. His philosophy is that it is essential to expand knowledge in multiple research areas to improve one’s unique area of expertise. Dr. Brown’s leadership and scholarship draw on a deep and diverse set of experiences acquired in decades developing Cybersecurity Masters/Doctoral programs, and participation in many governmental standard bodies such as the National Security Agency (NSA/DHS) Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance (CAEs) and National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE). He is the developer/ creator of the CERTIFIED CYBERSECURITY BEHAVIORAL PROFESSIONAL (CCSPB) certification ( When not working, Dr. Brown enjoys time with family, friends, and practicing Krav Maga at home in North Carolina

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