Navigating Conflict: Tools for Difficult Conversations


Navigating Conflict: Tools for Difficult Conversations is perfect for readers who want positive outcomes from personal, professional, and workplace challenges.

From reading this powerful guidebook, you’ll gain:

  • A step-by-step roadmap for handling conflict and tough and touchy situations
  • Strategies for effectively handling yourself under fire
  • Tools for dealing with toxic individuals, personality conflicts, office politics, and problematic family situations
  • Field-tested skills, strategies, tools. and tactics for every type of conflict
  • Assessment inventories and action steps they can use to assess and perfect their skills

Readers will find engrossing real-life stories; skills, strategies, and tactics they can immediately use, and will walk away knowing exactly how to achieve the results they want regardless of the other person’s skills or behavior.


About the Author(s)

Lynne Curry

Lynne Curry, PhD, is the president of Communication Works, Inc. (Anchorage, Alaska), the founder of and was the founder and CEO of The Growth Company, Inc., a nationa…

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October 10, 2022





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