The Internationalists: Masters of the Global Game


For the first time, internationalists are identified for their critical capabilities. This book identifies the six key practices of successful internationalists and posits that recognizing them will have a profound effect on corporate mindset and how global companies plan and execute cross-border strategies.
Based on extensive research and interviews with international executives on four continents, The Internationalists identifies problems common to international business ventures and analyzes them for lessons learned. From there, Scherer outlines steps and strategies for creating thoughtful and sensible international projects using the talents of those most capable of carrying out cross-border ventures.
“I just finished reading Catherine Scherer’s new book, The Internationalists: Masters of the Global Game. [Scherer] focuses on the importance of people in organizations that have a unique set of skills and attributes (“internationalists”) that make them effective in operating in a global arena. I particularly like her metaphorical reference to internationalists as gaskets that help to make an effective seal between headquarters and field operations where the strategy gets implemented in a multitude of cultural environments, all with different norms, values, acceptable behaviors, and visions of reality. The challenge for organizations, and particularly for Human Resource departments or personnel, is to find better ways to identify “internationalists” or those that have the potential to fill those roles. These people must be identified, recruited, developed, placed, evaluated, rewarded, and perhaps most importantly, retained. This book provides specific suggestions for doing just that.” — David Hopkins, Associate Professor Emeritus, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver
“Scherer has captured the essence of the “internationalist” through interviews and analysis, then condensed the findings into usable information that isn’t found in any other book. This is a must-read for strategic human resources professionals, global business leaders and anyone considering international assignments.” — Carolyn H. Byram, Senior Human Resources Executive


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Catherine W. Scherer

A senior professional with over 30 years experience, Ms. Scherer has combined expertise in international management consulting, corporate restructuring, marketing and business development. She is the …

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July 16, 2010





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