Mapping Workflows and Managing Knowledge: Using Formal and Tacit Knowledge to Improve Organizational Performance, Volume I


This is a book that does what the title says, and is different from most business process mapping information in three key ways. First, it lets users capture all the knowledge that goes into a workflow in any kind of organization, including the most difficult kind of all; the tacit knowledge people bring to the job and carry in their heads. Second, it is simple, powerful, flexible, and easy to learn. Third, it does not require installing, learning, and applying a complicated program (sometimes requiring reorganization to support the software rather than the software supporting the organization).
It was developed by the author in a 15-year long program of studying, analyzing, and improving avionics maintenance processes for the U.S. Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force, and then applied to organizations of all kinds ever since, for more than two decades. It has been taught and applied by the author and others in many short courses. It works.


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John Kmetz

John Kmetz is President of Transition Assistance Associates, a selective firm of professionals who assist companies and organizations in diagnosing challenges and formulating transition strategies to …

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November 30, 2015





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