The Barn Door is Open: Frameworks and Tools for Success and Fulfillment in the Workplace

The Barn Door is Open: Frameworks and Tools for Success and Fulfillment in the Workplace is a business book, a playful read, an intelligent metaphorical tale anchored in the tools and techniques of innovative and proven management frameworks. It is also a philosophical tale that uses humor and metaphors to make the learning entertaining and inspirational. It is is designed to be read at multiple layers, from neophytes to seasoned professionals. While there are many hidden references that astute readers will appreciate, the concepts covered are easy to understand and implement. Self-help readers will benefit from many of its lessons and tools by applying them to their personal lives. The Barn Door is Open provides prescriptive, step-by-step learning points with ample hands-on examples. The author treats the subjects and tools of Lean and Lean Transformation, Mindfulness, Conflict Resolution, Theory of Constraints (TOC), Project Management, Agile, Six Sigma, Change Management, and Corporate Culture Transformation in one easily digestible reference. We, as students, workers, managers, executives in any business, in any industry…all struggle to solve problems. We lose focus. We do not look deep enough. We simply do not know how. We can be taught to think differently, leading to a higher level of reasoning, phenomenal personal growth, and a more fulfilling career. This text gradually and profoundly changes the way we think and lays the foundations for a successful and fulfilling workplace.


Comes With Ancillaries!
The auxiliary material provided consists of two PowerPoint slide decks. The first deck is targeted at the Readers/Students. The author has extracted all the learning points for each chapter and each tool/framework. The second PPT deck is a teaching reference/support for the instructor. The deck explains each learning point and provides a series of questions to generate either classroom discussions or to create an exam.

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