The Barn Door is Open: Frameworks and Tools for Success and Fulfillment in the Workplace


“‘The Barn Door Is Open’ is a “Who Moved My Cheese” for improving your business by working smarter, not harder. Serge Alfonse takes readers on a delightful and instructive journey where the animal characters learn by doing. This farm tale parable is a “must-read” primer for business owners, managers, and front-line workers seeking to solve today’s complex business problems while putting people first.” —Frank Shines, Vice-President CCS Medical, MBA, Six Sigma MBB, author of Let In But Left Out.
“‘The Barn Door is Open’ is a unique treasure, one of those books that is quickly and easily understood by both new and seasoned professionals. For anyone interested in process improvement and fostering a positive, proactive, and engaged culture that sows the seeds of ongoing success, this book is a must read. The second part of the book contains an abundance of effective tools and strategies that can be utilized immediately!” —Barb Birdt Prentice, Director Quality & Compliance (Ret.), MBA
The Barn Door Is Open: Frameworks and Tools for Success and Fulfillment in the Workplace is a business book, a playful and humorous read, an intelligent metaphorical and philosophical tale anchored in the tools and techniques of innovative and proven management frameworks. Readers will not only find its teachings entertaining and inspirational, but will benefit from its lessons and tools by applying them to their personal lives.
This book integrates the subjects and tools of Lean and Lean Transformation, mindfulness, conflict resolution, Theory of Constraints, project management, Agile, Six Sigma, change management, and corporate culture transformation into one easily digestible reference.

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Serge Alfonse

Serge Alfonse, MSc IT, Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean sensei, mediator, and pilot, has accumulated vast business and consulting experience gathered through hundreds of consulting engagements for Fortune 1…

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October 18, 2020





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