Making Projects Sing: A Musical Perspective of Project Management


This book explores project management (PM) from a musical perspective. Music is a significant example of a nontraditional arena where PM is vital, yet it is only beginning to be seen as a vital tool. Therefore, this book will give an in depth and preeminent look at the PM processes and knowledge areas that are of utmost importance in many fields that PM is not used for currently. Seeking to understand projects in musical ways, synergies between music and the wider project management profession are many and varied.
Written and developed by international experts in the project management and music professions, this book rep?resents a unique and insightful approach to the study of the subject. The authors take a fresh look at practical models of musical thinking capable of application at every scale of project management, and in every possible project management environment. If you want to make your projects more musical, or simply have an interest exploring project management in music, this is the book for you!

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Raji Sivaraman

Raji Sivaraman, M. S, PMI-ACP, PMP, PMO-CP Principal of ASBA LLC, a Singapore citizen, helps USA/Singapore companies with strategic planning/overseas startups. Speaks several languages. Worked in Sing…

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is the learning enhancement manager in the department of learning enhancement of the University of Derby in the UK and a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He is a classically…

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April 22, 2016





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