How to Succeed as a Solo Consultant: Breaking Out on Your Own


This book is written for a person who has gained experience and is thinking about striking out on his or her own as a consultant or a service-based entrepreneur. The reader is taken through the steps of deciding on whether they have the tools to start a new business and what they need to do before making the leap.The author focuses on the major steps of a start-up consulting practice, including business formation decisions, verbalizing the business offerings, determining market viability, and much more. Additionally, he dives into less-often discussed topics such as office space, business insurance, business ethics, and the impact on the family unit. Each chapter provides homework that outlines the steps the reader needs to complete to gain confidence they have the tools to succeed. This book also emphasizes the lifestyle implications of any solo proprietor service business.


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Stephen D. Field

Stephen D. Field is the President of Field Consulting Services, LLC and has over 30 years of hands-on management and consulting experience in both for-profit and non-profit environments. Aft…

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March 1, 2020





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