How Organizations Can Make the Most of Online Learning


Online learning has the potential to change an organization’s culture and performance – if the organization employs technology in the right ways. In HOW ORGANIZATIONS CAN MAKE THE MOST OF ONLINE LEARNING, Dr. David Guralnick describes what organizations need to know about learning and technology in order to create a successful culture of growth and performance – today, tomorrow, and in the future.

In this book, Dr. Guralnick describes the current world of online learning, lays out his vision of the future, and discusses how organizations can make the best use of technology to improve job performance, including how to best combine the work and skills of an organization’s internal team and outside consultants and vendors.

Too much online learning today focuses on memorizing information. HOW ORGANIZATIONS CAN MAKE THE MOST OF ONLINE LEARNING shifts this paradigm to focus on learning key skills that are meaningful to an employee and relevant to their work. Organizations will learn how to create and deliver online learning and performance experiences that can take their employees’ performance to the next level.

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David Guralnick

Dr. David Guralnick is an internationally known keynote speaker, author, professor, and consultant. His work leverages learning theory, cognitive science, advanced technology and artificial …

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June 21, 2022





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