Digital Strategy Framework: A Practical Guide for Business Incumbents


Amit Prabhu demystifies digital business transformation for incumbents, bridging strategy and execution with a pragmatic, universally applicable framework. A must-read for executives in different functions charged with navigating the digital age with finesse and strategic acumen. –Venkat Venkatraman, David J. McGrath Professor, Boston University Questrom School of Business. Author of The Digital Matrix: New Rules of Business Transformation through Technology

Business incumbents constantly face disruption threats. Most of them have embarked on the digital transformation journey. Around 70 percent of transformation projects fail. One of the many reasons of failure is a lack of clear and concrete Digital Strategy.

This book contains a comprehensive Digital Strategy Framework for business incumbents, providing a step-by-step guidance during the strategy creation and execution phases.

Though anyone can read and derive benefits from this book, it is primarily for executives, strategists, transformation drivers, change agents, leaders, and managers. Its success lies in how effectively they apply the framework at their workplace.

This book is not just about information…it’s all about transformation!


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Amit Prabhu

Amit Prabhu has over a decade of global business management, strategy, and consulting experience. He holds a master’s degree in telecommunications and networking from University of Pennsylvania.

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February 22, 2024





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