Introduction to Business Analytics, Second Edition


This book presents key concepts related to quantitative analysis in business. It is targeted at business students (both undergraduate and graduate) taking an introductory core course. Business analytics has grown to be a key topic in business curricula, and there is a need for stronger quantitative skills and understanding of fundamental concepts.
This second edition adds material on Tableau, a very useful software for business analytics. This supplements the tools from Excel covered in the first edition, to include Data Analysis Toolpak and SOLVER.


About the Author(s)

Majid Nabavi

Majid Nabavi has published in Quality Management Journal, and presented research in regional and national conferences. His teaching areas include operations management, man- agement scienc…

David L. Olson

David L. Olson is the James & H.K. Stuart professor in MIS and chancellor’s professor at the University of Nebraska. He has published research in over 200 refereed journal articles, primarily on the t…

Wesley S. Boyce

Wesley S. Boyce has published in many journals—Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, IMP Journal, International Journal of Managing Value and Supply Chains, Journal of Transport and Health—aut…

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December 14, 2020





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