Getting Data Science Done: Managing Projects from Ideas to Products


Data science is a field that synthesizes statistics, computer science and business analytics to deliver results that can impact almost any type of process or organization. Data science is also an evolving technical discipline, whose practice is full of pitfalls and potential problems for managers, stakeholders and practitioners. Many organizations struggle to consistently deliver results with data science due to a wide range of issues, including knowledge barriers, problem framing, organizational change and integration with IT and engineering.

Getting Data Science Done outlines the essential stages in running successful data science projects. The book provides comprehensive guidelines to help you identify potential issues and then a range of strategies for mitigating them. The book is organized as a sequential process allowing the reader to work their way through a project from an initial idea all the way to a deployed and integrated product.


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John Hawkins

John Hawkins is an Australian data scientist with a research background in machine learning for bioinformatics. He holds positions as the Chief Scientist for Ad Tech company Playground XYZ, mac…

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August 26, 2022





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