David Guralnick

Dr. David Guralnick is an internationally known keynote speaker, author, professor, and consultant. His work leverages learning theory, cognitive science, advanced technology and artificial intelligence, and creative, entertaining storytelling to create enjoyable learning experiences that help people learn to think critically, reflect, and make thoughtful decisions.

Dr. Guralnick’s roles in the industry include President and CEO of New York-based Kaleidoscope Learning, an award-winning online learning company; President of the International E-Learning Association (IELA), a non-profit organization; founding chair of the International E-Learning Awards program; Adjunct Professor at Columbia University; founder and chair of The Learning Ideas Conference; and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal on Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC).

His work has been featured in Wired magazine, in Training magazine, and on the television show The Balancing Act, and he has been the recipient of numerous e-learning design awards.

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