From Vision to Decision: A Self-Coaching Guide to Starting a New Business


Money cannot buy happiness, but a solid, profitable business can enable you to wake up each morning looking forward to the work you have to do. If you dream of owning your own small business because you want autonomy, freedom, meaning, and purpose, this book is for you.
This is a self-coaching guide and a practical workbook. At the end of each thought provoking chapter you will find tools to help you with your business analysis, techniques for greater creativity, information about your brain and how it works and powerful questions to lead you to a fuller understanding of yourself and your business.
Do you feel called to be an entrepreneur but hesitate because you do not know what to do? This book will help you find your way through the small business startup maze. The self-coaching exercises in this book are designed to move you from frustrated dreamer to becoming an action-oriented business leader.
All you need to do now to create a clear, low risk vision for building a pro table business is to read this book, do the exercises, and create your plan.


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Dana K. Dwyer

Dana K. Dwyer is an author, business coach, serial entrepreneur, and an expert in adult learning. Drawing on her years of experience building small businesses in the United States, Ecuador and …

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August 15, 2019





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