Department of Startup: Why Every Fortune 500 Should Have One


The ascent of startups on the Fortune 500 ranking, displacing some of the more notable companies, raised not only attention but also questions. Fundamentally, startups are built on a very different organizational culture as compared to a traditional Fortune 500. Could these cultural differences be the reason startups are in the forefront of technology innovation, disrupting industries d ominated by more established competitors and thriving in today’s volatile business environment?
Department of Startup: Why Every Fortune 500 Should Have One aims to help CEOs, presidents, and human resource practitioners on how they can transform their large corporation to thrive in a fast, social media conscious, and unforgiving market a la startup.


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Ivan Yong Wei Kit

Ivan Yong Wei Kit is an organizational psychologist, engineer, entrepreneur and a startup angel investor based in Hong Kong. He had been instrumental in strategizing and executing Fort…

Sam Lee

Sam Lee is a career human resources professional and an entrepreneur since 1997. He co-founded Nanyang Angelz, focusing on impact investment in start-ups. Sam is also the co-founder of…

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May 7, 2019





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