Conflict First Aid: How to Stop Personality Clashes and Disputes from Damaging You or Your Organization


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This book gives practical tips on how to manage disputes and personality clashes before they create major problems for business and relationships. Written in laymen’s terms with examples, acronyms, and illustrations, it helps the reader understand the causes of conflict and how it develops and escalates. The author explains the scientific basis for seemingly illogical behavior under stress and in conflict and also offers tips and tools for managing emotions and behaviors in difficult situations.
Guidance is provided on setting and maintaining standards, balancing responsibilities with relationships, and dealing with negative issues before serious damage is done. The book is structured so that it can either be read as a whole or the relevant section accessed in a crisis, with a toolkit of resources at the end. Each chapter ends with questions to check understanding. Full of convenient tools and insights into managing emotions and handling disagreements, it provides a handy resource for managers and employees.


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Nancy Radford

Nancy Radford is a specialist in early conflict resolution, accredited as a civil and commercial mediator, with additional training in mediation online, restorative conversations, special educational n…

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December 12, 2017





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