Nancy Radford

Nancy Radford is a specialist in early conflict resolution, accredited as a civil and commercial mediator, with additional training in mediation online, restorative conversations, special educational needs, and vulnerable adult mediation. She is also qualified as a trainer as well as business and personal coach. As a mediator, facilitator, and conflict coach, she helps people improve their professional and personal relationships by effective communication, changing the stories they tell themselves and providing tools and strategies that last a life- time. Before training formally as a mediator, her varied career included nursing, midwifery, business ownership, management, and training. The central theme of her life has been enabling others to be the best they can be. She is often referred to as the wind beneath their wings. She works with family businesses, schools, and third-sector organizations, resolving conflict through training, coaching, and mediation, in person, on the phone, and over secure Internet connections.

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