Business Writing For Innovators and Change-Makers


Business Writing for Innovators and Change-Makers is a writing guidebook with street-smarts. It recognizes the unique communication challenges entrepreneurs face and offers clear action steps for tackling them. As an entrepreneur with a pioneering product or service to offer the world, you can’t rely on templates to get your meaning across. You need a set of writing strategies that are quick to implement and easy to adapt to a variety of communication situations, from e-mails to pitch decks. Dawn Henwood provides a simple, flexible approach to writing that will open your eyes to the subtle ways written communication can engage and motivate your target audience. Each short chapter includes:
‧ Advice from an innovative entrepreneur
‧ Concise, practical tips you can put to use right away
‧ Insights to help you become more productive and persuasive
‧ Checklist to help you coach yourself and your team to better writing
Whether you are just starting your business or scaling up to the next level of success, you’ll find Dawn’s straightforward teaching just the help you need to make your message heard. This book will empower you to build your confidence as a communicator, strengthen your brand, and increase the impact you have on customers and clients.


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Dawn Henwood

Dawn Henwood, PhD, empowers innovators to communicate in clear, simple language that resonates with their target audience and produces results. She has a PhD in English from the University of Toronto…

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July 25, 2020





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