Project Communications: A Critical Factor for Project Success


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Communication is vital for project success. Experts know it. Industry-wide research verifies it. Yet projects continue to fail because of poor communication. As a result, stakeholders and organizations don’t realize the benefits of their projects and project teams.
This book presents a new way to look at communication within projects. It combines real-world examples and practical tips with theory, research, and professional standards that can be applied to any size and type of project. Gain actionable in- sights into identifying your audience, choosing the right tools, managing change, and handling confiict. Expand your professional toolkit with templates, activities, and re- sources. Develop your project communications expertise with reflective questions and recommendations. Make your project communications a critical factor in your project success.
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The authors have provided detailed templates and guides that will help faculty teach their students how to immediately apply the book’s concepts to become better project communicators. Practitioners will be able to adapt the templates to facilitate better communication on their current project(s).

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