Arts and Entrepreneurship


Interest in entrepreneurship in the arts has grown in recent years. Artists need to look past their product and service, and leverage resources under risk and uncertainty to seize opportunities and optimize gains. Strategic entrepreneurial and management approaches when converged with a passion for the arts, can lead business enterprises into new and exciting frontiers. This book brought together experts and thought leaders from around the world to uncover business success strategies for art enthusiasts worldwide.


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J. Mark Munoz

J. Mark Munoz is a professor of management at Millikin University and former visiting fellow at the School of Government at Harvard University. He is a recipient of several awards including four Best …

Julienne W. Shields

Julienne W. Shields obtained her BA in classics from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and her MBA from Millikin University. Prior to joining Millikin, she spent 11 years i…

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November 23, 2017





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