Applied Leadership: Developing Stages for Creating Exceptional Leaders


Applied Leadership: Developing Stages for Creating Exceptional Leaders, is a comprehensive, self-development practical leadership book. Designed to be a complete self-training guide for individuals in all stages of leadership, from entry level to advance stages.

For years, organizations and individuals have struggled with ineffective leadership training. It neither served to strengthen the current leaders in the organization, nor created future leaders for that organization, until NOW. Because great leadership is an evolutionary process, this publication will offer the reader a journey to become an exceptional leader. Individuals will be able to develop the practical skills necessary to be excellent leaders for any organization.

No longer will organizations outsource costly training sessions that last for weeks or months for their staff, rather, this book will provide those necessary steps, skills, and knowledge needed at their own pace.


About the Author(s)

Sam Altawil

Born in the city of Baghdad, Sam Altawil came to United States without any English education. As most immigrants, Sam was able to overcome any challenges and managed to earn his bachelor’s degree in social sciences and later accomplished a graduate degree in law which allowed Sam to enter the field of human resources.

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January 11, 2024





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