Sam Altawil

Born in the city of Baghdad, Sam Altawil came to United States without any English education. As most immigrants, Sam was able to overcome any challenges and managed to earn his bachelor’s degree in social sciences and later accomplished a graduate degree in law which allowed Sam to enter the field of human resources.

Over 30 years in human resources, 24 of such years were devoted to leadership roles, Sam, as the head of HR, led two outstanding Federally Qualified Health Care Centers, organizations dedicated to serving the underprivileged. Through his leadership, Sam utilized his methodology to improve what once was considered a broken HR department. In 2013, Sam won “best HR practice” in one of the sturdiest Federal audits by Health Resources and Services Administration department (HRSA). In 2015 and 2016, Sam and his HR team guided the organization to win “Best Place to Work” by North Bay Business Journal, which he repeated in 2023 winning the Best Place to Work with the San Francisco, Silicon Valley Business Journal.

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