Achieving Success in Nonprofit Organizations


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There is a need for current, research-based content focused on helping leaders of nonprofit and faith-based organizations to be successful. When compared to the market for new books and publications which discuss success strategies that apply to for-profit organizations, this market is underserved.
This book is an essential tool to help you grow with your nonprofit organization. Whether you are an executive director, manager, board member, pastor, or key volunteer, the details here will help you achieve so much more. The four overarching areas of what the authors term a ‘virtuous cycle in nonprofit organization success’–living the mission, making good decisions, getting things done, developing your team–emerged from literature searches, focus groups, and surveys to discover objectively what critical skills and knowledge are most useful to leaders of nonprofit organizations. Inside, experts contribute individual chapters in each of these four areas. This book can be used as a reference for specific skills and knowledge in any of these areas. It can also be used as a text since it covers 16 specific chapters within the four major sections and each chapter has a major case study, assessment questions, and summaries of key concepts.

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Timothy J. Kloppenborg

Timothy J. Kloppenborg is a professor emeritus from Xavier University and is an accomplished author of 12 books. Tim has worked in manufacturing, construction, research, and consulting on six c…

Laurence J. Laning

Laurence J. Laning led large complex global organizations at Procter & Gamble for 28 years. His assignments culminated when he served as the global chief IT enterprise architect. He has a PhD in indus…

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February 15, 2014





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