Successful Organizational Transformation: The Five Critical Elements


This book will walk you through the five ingredients of transformation: The subject of organizational change is receiving increasing attention. Whether it is re-inventing government, re-engineering corporations, or reforming churches, all kinds of organizations are attempting major transformations. This book will “walk” you through our framework of the five ingredients of transformation: Burning Platform, why should you do anything; Vision, where are you going; Leadership, are you leading the effort, and do you have the skills necessary to lead; Technical Plan, how will you close the gap between the vision and the burning platform; Social Plan, how will you enroll others in the plan. At the end of reading this book, you will understand why change efforts fail, what ingredients are needed to ensure success, and what skills are needed at the organizational, group, and individual level to maximize improvement efforts.

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Marvin Washington

Marvin Washington, PhD, is an Associate Professor at The University of Alberta and is the past president of the Performance Center. He graduated from the Organization Behavior department and Sociology…

Stephen Hacker

Stephen Hacker is a founding partner and CEO of Transformation Systems International, LLC. He has consulted organizations throughout the world and has authored several books. His passions are deliveri…

Marla Hacker

Marla Hacker, PhD, is the Associate Dean of Programs at Oregon State University—Cascades Campus. Marla teaches, researches, and applies methods for achieving organizational performance improvement thr…

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August 5, 2011





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