Business Intelligence: Making Decisions Through Data Analytics


This book is about using business intelligence as a management information system for supporting managerial decision making. It concentrates primarily on practical business issues and demonstrates how to apply data warehousing and data analytics to support business decision making. This book progresses through a logical sequence, starting with data model infrastructure, then data preparation, followed by data analysis, integration, knowledge discovery, and finally the actual use of discovered knowledge. All examples are based on the most recent achievements in business intelligence. Finally this book outlines an overview of a methodology that takes into account the complexity of developing applications in an integrated business intelligence environment. This book is written for managers, business consultants, and undergraduate and postgraduates students in business administration.

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Jerzy Surma

Dr. Jerzy Surma is an assistant professor at Warsaw School of Economics and a director of postgraduate studies on business intelligence. Prior to his teaching positions, he worked as a business consul…

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March 6, 2011





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