Your GPS to Employment Success: How to Find and Succeed in the Right Job


Economies had barely recovered from the Great Recession of 2008 when the COVID-19 pandemic moved swiftly around the world threatening to devastate global economies and their populations yet again. Inevitably, unemployment followed. Anyone looking for employment or a promotion in a mercurial economic environment can find useful tips and information in Your GPS to Employment Success: How to Find and Succeed in the Right Job.

This book is a career resource that contains a treasure trove of straightforward, pithy job search and career advice, 125 tips, and stories from an employment expert. It is a career advancement and networking guide that also identifies inconvenient truths that are not commonly known but are helpful to have in your career toolkit.

Your GPS to Employment Success also addresses:

  • The importance of preparing mentally, physically, and emotionally for a roller-coaster job search.
  • How to adopt NBA star forward LeBron James’s career strategy for personal career goals.
  • How to develop a career plan and strategy, and the need to execute a career strategy.
  • How to look for employment in a virtual world.
  • How a former NFL athlete asked a stranger for help and changed the trajectory of his life.

The author also provides a career toolkit that contains informative, time-saving material.

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Beverly A. Williams

Beverly A. Williams, a former HR executive, multifaceted labor and employment attorney, arbitrator, and author, is a cross between Judge Judy, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jean Chatzky. As a result of her HR,…

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April 9, 2021





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