Decoding Your STEM Career: How to Exceed Your Expectations


“Clear and practical wisdom–made real through engaging personal stories that will benefit any professional, especially those early in their careers. Pete generously shares practical lessons from an exceptional 37-year career. There is a wealth of ideas here that will help technical professionals develop their own successful careers.” –Scott Wahl, Vice President, Product Operations PointClickCare

“This book, with its first-person tone and abundance of candor fills a big gap in the professional development literature. There are plenty of books about iconic figures in management and technology but they offer little insight on how executive leaders are formed, or how they experience growth from successful engineers to leaders. Pete’s insights?and?radical candor is a resource that will pay dividends through multiple reads, and well worth coming back to when?career challenges or decisions present themselves. It should be a permanent nightstand book for technology professionals who are finding their way into positions of increasing responsibility.”?–Dr. Miguel Pinilla, Senior Technical Fellow, Flexport

A must-read for STEM graduates who aspire to be the technical leaders and executives of our next generation.

This book is also for mid-level technical managers who seek to move up the corporate ladder but are not sure how to differentiate themselves from their peers. Pete Devenyi highlights ten capabilities that technology leaders must develop and nurture in order to achieve their full potential. He shares learnings and techniques through a collection of compelling, real-world stories from his own 37-year technology journey.

He discusses the importance of a never-ending commitment to technical education but recognizes that it can only propel a leader so far. It is critical to develop many additional skills as well, such as the ability to maintain composure in high-pressure situations. Technologists who commit to acquiring all the capabilities outlined in the book are far more likely to rise to senior executive levels in major corporations.

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Peter Devenyi

Pete Devenyi spent his thirty-seven-year engineering career working in software and technology development in the fields of networking, telecommunications and logistics. He held senior technica…

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March 22, 2022





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