The Champion Edge: Skill Sets That Fire Up Your Business and Life


Without question, some people accomplish so much more than others in their careers and their lives. And they do it so much more quickly. Surprisingly, there is nothing in the research that adequately accounts for this difference in success, except one thing. The most successful people invariably practice three skill sets that give them a distinct, get-ahead, accelerated edge at work and at home. It’s called The Champion Edge and is comprised of purpose, passion, and process, all of which can be learned, adopted, and mastered by the reader.
This book gives specific skills and step-by-step strategies that will empower the reader to clarify their purpose, align their life and career with that purpose, build a more positive attitude, remain persistent, make decisions guided by character, achieve goals through the use of affirmations, communicate more effectively, and listen to what is said and left unsaid.

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Alan R. Zimmerman

At the age of 7, Alan was selling greeting cards door-to-door. By age 14, he owned a small international import business. By age 21, he was teaching at the University of Minnesota, and during the next…

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March 6, 2021





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