Workplace Jazz: 9 Steps to Creating High-Performing Agile Project Teams


“Workplace Jazz provides new insights and practical tools to excel in the new world of constant change.” –Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Author of the Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook.

Following a team development system that jazz musicians use naturally provides clarity, purpose, and structure is the key to creating high-performing agile teams. It is attainable through this book, Workplace Jazz.

In Workplace Jazz, the author raises a battle cry for individual and corporate responsibility in building cultures that are healthier and more productive for those working in them.

What should leaders do to address this workforce engagement and productivity gap? Should companies keep implementing culture improvement processes and procedures that do not address the emotional connection that teams need?

Workplace Jazz offers a step-by-step process, enhanced with stories, neuroscience research, case studies, metaphors, and a strategic blueprint for developing connected and high-performing project teams based on the author’s experiences as a professional musician, certified conversational intelligence coach, and certified business

The author has provided a self-assessment that is a complimentary accompaniment to this book. Click here to learn more.

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Gerald J. Leonard

Gerald J. Leonard is the CEO of Principles of Execution, a certified MBE dba Turnberry Premiere, and is a strategic project portfolio management and IT governance firm based in the metro Was…

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December 21, 2020





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