Moving the Needle with Lean OKRs: Setting Objectives and Key Results to Reach Your Most Ambitious Goal


Leaders in the digital era are faced with breaking into new markets, disrupting existing ones, and doing so with more precision than ever before just to keep up with their competitors. To innovate more quickly, to rapidly experiment with ideas and technology, to pivot seemingly overnight, you need to have a system in place that can help you execute your most ambitious strategy. While OKRs (Objective and Key Results) have made huge waves recently, practical implementation of OKRs remains elusive for many. Lean OKRs are the evolved version of the OKR strategy execution tool that has powered the transformational journeys of giants like Google and Facebook. It is the lightweight method that turns good ideas into great execution, heightens employee engagement, aligns teams, and achieves measurable, breakthrough results.

Lean OKRs presents insightful anecdotes, creative exercises, clear figures and step-by-step models. Designed as a comprehensive guide, it covers everything from theoretical roots to practical execution, including company-wide strategy alignment and emotional management. Applicable to small companies as well as large organisations, Lean OKRs drives innovation through behavioral changes, empowering and motivating teams through focused daily OKR practices that are simple to put into action. Practical and to the point, this book integrates a unique combination of structural and leadership strategies, resulting in a new approach to OKRs that conquers the hurdles experienced by most business leaders today.

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Bart den Haak

Bart den Haak is the founder of “Moving the Needle”, working with executives, senior management and high-performance tech teams to define their most critical objectives and strengthen their cur…

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November 5, 2021





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