Why Projects Fail: Nine Laws for Success


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We are all involved at some time in our lives in projects, if not professionally then in our private and community lives. Some projects fail completely and many more disappoint. We frequently hear reports of IT, construction, engineering, and personal projects failing by going over budget, or running late, or failing to meet the client’s expectations; or all three.
This book deals with the nine features that almost all failing projects share. In this easy to read book, the author uses his nine laws of project design and control to lead the reader through the traps that can catch out not only project managers but also the project client and other members of a project community. This book is not a treatise of project management theory but practical guide, based on wide experience and the study of the causes of project failure, aimed at the professional and amateur alike.


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Tony Martyr

Tony Martyr has spent his entire career of almost 50 years involved in the specification, management and fulfillment of multidisciplinary projects around the world. He has held senor and director lev…

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June 10, 2018





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