What Millennials Really Want From Work and Life


This book is perfect for leaders across the enterprise who have a difficult time attracting, retaining, understanding, communicating with, motivating, engaging, and otherwise developing their millennial employees and job candidates. Diving deep into millennial psychology and language using a potent blend of data and anecdotes, stories and history, What Millennials Really Want from Work and Life debunks the many myths around millennials pushed by sensationalist media, showing how millennials want many of the same things as other generations, just more quickly and in a different order and form.
Giving helpful context based on his own powerful and unlikely story of continuous struggle and overcoming massive challenges as a millennial, the author weaves a compelling narrative through the historical, psychological, linguistic, and other threads under- lying the millennial experience at work and in life. Based on his in-depth analysis of data and trends, Kruman makes specific recommendations for corporate leaders looking to get—and keep and develop—top millennial talent into their ranks, diving deep into specific benefits, communication methods and tools, mission and vision, and other elements of branding relevant to millennial attraction, engagement, and retention. This book is likewise for early and mid-career millennials looking to better under stand themselves and make compelling cases for improvements around the aforementioned in their own companies.


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Yuri Kruman

Yuri is a corporate Employee Experience (EX) Consultant, board member, startup advisor and official member of the Forbes Coaches Council, as well as contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business.com, …

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March 12, 2019





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