Untenable: A Leader’s Guide to Addressing the Big Issues That Are Ignored, Falsely Explained, or Inappropriately Tolerated


Even the best of us can find ourselves enduring situations that are negative and unsustainable. Too often, we ignore the situation or just make incremental moves. The boiling frog considers installing a ceiling fan. The deck chairs are arranged on the Titanic. High-performing people can boost their own performance even further by developing their skills to identify and remove their untenable situations. Untenable situations at best sap our creativity, vitality, and energy, at worst; they can be serious threats to our well-being or health of our organizations. Untenable helps identify untenable situations, describes the barriers to addressing them, and suggests novel ways to approach them.
This book is perfect for leaders who would like to be even more effective, see that effectiveness cascade into better organizational results, and would like to see their businesses grow. The author describes what untenable situations are, what they look like for leaders and organizations, and why we do not address them appropriately. The book contains useful and practical insights for leaders to help coach themselves and others to identify their untenable situations, remove barriers that may be preventing those situations from being addressed, and prevent untenable situations from occurring in the first place.


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Gary Covert

Gary Covert, top executive coach and executive advisor, has worked with key leaders in some of the most admired companies around. The leaders who work with Gary regularly report improv…

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December 17, 2019





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