Uniquely Great: Essentials For Winning Employers


Every organization is unique. In order to make yours the best it can be, you need to understand the concepts presented in this book and know what questions to ask as you explore the potential in front of you. There are oceans of information available about how to build a great organization. Trends in how to create culture, attract talent, and boost productivity seem to shift as quickly as seasons of the year.
This text provides a succinct overview of concepts related to organizational success and offers a clear-eyed assessment of what is useful and what not. It guides you in questions to ask yourself, your leadership team, and employees of your organization so that you can make wise and informed decisions about how to proceed on the path to a uniquely great organization.


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Lucy English

Lucy English, PhD, is a sociologist, speaker, and writer with 15 years of experience helping organizations of all size, across industries, to become great employers. Prior to her consulting career, sh…

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December 26, 2019





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