Transformative Strategic Thinking: The Art of Disciplined Business Creativity


In an era marked by rapid innovation and disruptive technologies like AI, unforeseen global challenges like the recent pandemic, and pressing sustainability challenges, businesses’ survival and success hinge on their ability to transform continuously.

The success stories of industry giants like Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb reveal a crucial insight: Thriving in today’s market isn’t just about innovative products or cutting-edge technology—it’s about pioneering business models.

This book introduces the Transformative Strategic Thinking (TST) toolkit, a creative thinking methodology designed for businesses eager to embrace change and explore new business model scenarios. The TST toolkit combines analytical tools for evaluating current business models with five transformational practices for experimenting with new ones.

Concluding with real-life success stories of three entrepreneurs who navigated disruptive innovations and black swan events through the TST approach, this book provides a hands-on perspective on transforming business models. Different from traditional strategy literature, this book doesn’t offer off-the-shelf formulas but empowers you to think creatively. With step-by-step guidance, visual collaboration tools, real-world case examples, exercises, and design tips, you will learn to dissect your current business model, identify areas for improvement, and foster a creative approach to developing new models.

Targeted at forward-thinking managers, daring entrepreneurs, aspiring business leaders, and ambitious startup founders, the TST toolkit equips them to challenge conventional business models and design innovative ones. It is equally valuable for students and enthusiasts of business design, design thinking, and entrepreneurship.


About the Author(s)

Michele Simoni

Michele Simoni is full professor of Innovation and Business Design at the University of Naples Parthenope. He is the director of the PhD in Entrepreneurship and Innovation jointly held by the University of Campania Vanvitelli and Parthenope University and is currently the coordinator of the Observatory on Local Innovation Systems (SLIOB)

Eva Panetti

Eva Panetti is Assistant Professor in Innovation & Business Design and Business Planning at the Parthenope University of Naples (Italy). Additionally, she serves as an Adjunct Professor at Vilnius University, teaching Strategic Management.

Marco Ferretti

Marco Ferretti is full professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Parthenope University of Naples where he has served as a member of the Board of Directors. He is also responsible for the “Department of Excellence” project with a budget of €6.5ML and champion of the newly established UNESCO Chair “Entrepreneurship and lifelong learning innovation in the business ecosystems of MENA countries”.

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November 6, 2024





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